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CCIE Training


The age old question of what is better experience or certificate gets a lot of views and debates in management circles. Recruitment is often a mixture of the two. Ask a professional who is out working in the field whether it is worth the time and money to pursue after certifications. The response you evoke may be mixed. Some certifications make it more important than experience and CCIE is one of those genres.

Cisco CCIE is the highest level of Technical Expertise in the industry and it is a grueling exam to take. The candidates have to be experts in the field of interconnecting networks and end-to-end networks.

Who Needs CCIE?

CCIE is for all those professionals who would like to establish themselves as experts in the networking domain. Cisco Certified Internet work Expert does not have any pre-requisites in certification. Currently there are a few thousand people all over the world that possess a CCIE certification; the reason being that it is hard to pass the exam.

Exam Description

CCIE certification requires you to pass two exams; a written qualification exam and corresponding lab exam. Recertification ensures that you retain a meaningful technical expertise. Recertification requires you to take written examinations.

Exam  Fees
CCIE Theory  350$
CCIE LAB 1400$
CCIE (Theory & Lab) 1750 $