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RHCA Training

RHCA Training


Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) is the Master Level Certification Program with in-depth, hands-on training for Senior Linux System Administrators enabling them to design and deploy large and complex Linux based environments. This is a capstone Certification, and shall be above the RHCE and RHCT.
The full RHCA curriculum consists of four-advanced 400-level Enterprise Architect courses and an upper-level security course (RHS333).

The course or modules for RHCA includes:
RHS333 - RedHat Enterprise Security: Network Services
RH 401 - Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management
RH 423 - Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication
RH 318 - Enterprise Virtualization
RH 436 - RedHat Enterprise Storage Management
RH 442 - Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning

 Unlike the RHCE and RHCT certification programs, RHCA courses can be pursued on module basis i.e. each course can be taken separately and Redhat endorsement can be achieved for that particular course by taking the certification exam successfully for the same, making it convenient for senior administrators to choose their area of specialisation without going through the entire course saving money and time. This compartmental system also provides the flexibility to attain RHCA in a phased manner thus reducing the risk of taking the advanced modules at one stretch.

The prerequisite for RHCA or for any of the 400- level course is a current RHCE certification.