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RHCE (Training under RHEL6)

RHCE Training


This is the Gold Standard Certification program for molding strong Linux Administrators to implement and manage Linux networks in corporate. The skills are tested on a performance-based evaluation and certification directly by Redhat.

The full RHCE (RHEL 6) curriculum consists of three courses or modules:

  • RH124 - Red Hat System Administration I
  • RH135 - Red Hat System Administration II
  • RH255 - Red Hat System Administration III

The RHCE (RHEL 5) curriculum consists of three courses or modules: (RHEL 5 certifications have been discontinued by Red Hat. Now we offer only RHCE-6 under RHEL-6)

  • RH033 - Red Hat Linux Essentials
  • RH133 - Red Hat Linux System Administration
  • RH253 - Red Hat Linux Network & Security

These modules when combined, prepares the delegate for the RHCE certification exam which include

  •  RH 302 - RHCE Certification Exam