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Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), is a new certification from Red Hat, along with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL 6). RHCSA shall now be the a universal entry point into the Red Hat certification programs. In RHEL 6, RHCSA replaces Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT).
With RHCSA certification system administrators can validate their skill to execute the core tasks required of RHEL system administrators in today's IT field.

RHCSA Consist of Two Modules:

  • RH124 - Red Hat System Administration I(SA I)
  • RH135 - Red Hat System Administration II (SA II)

These modules when combined, prepares the delegate for the RHCSA certification exam which include

  • EX 200- RHCSA Certification Exam

Changes to RHCE Certification

All must earn RHCSA Certification to get RHCE (although they may attempt for RHCE exam, before getting certified as RHCSA)
In RHEL 5 and earlier versions, RHCTs are re-tested on RHCT elements when they take RHCE exam. But in RHEL 6, after RHCSA certification there will not be any re-test on same skill. As RHCE will not have RHCSA embedded within it, as RHCT was in RHEL 5.


Like all other Red Hat certifications, exam for RHCSA is also performance based. This evaluates knowledge and skills through hands-on, lab based exam. Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, one must pass both the RHCSA (EX 200) and RHCE (EX 300) exams in order to get their RHCE Certification. This is same as the existing condition that candidates pass both RHCT and RHCE components in the existing RHCE exam, except that the two exams are now separate.
RHCSA Exam Schedules shall be open only after 15th January 2011 and at EXPERTS, you shall attempt RHCSA exams immediately afterwards. One may attempt RHCSA & RHCE exams on the same day.

Who need RHCSA Certification

RHCEs on RHEL 4.0, whose certification would be outdated from Jan 10, 2010
Candidates who have completed RHEL 5.4 training and forthcoming exam takers
Candidates doing RHCE on RHEL 6

RHCSA Training Course

EXPERTS offers RHCSA training as regular courses and bootcamp courses. We offer the RHCSA modules Red Hat System Administration - SA I (RH124) and Red Hat System Administration - SA II (RH134) along with the required RHCE modules, in our training packages, so that you may expedite your journey to your RHCE certification under RHEL 6.