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Web Designing & Development

Certified Web Developer

In this course, you acquire knowledge and skills to design eye catching and professional websites using latest graphics and web authoring tools. It includes development of dynamic websites using ASP.NET/VB.NET or PHP with databases.


Module 01

  •  Introduction to User-end and Back-end, Desktop Application and Web Application
  •  Why Web Application and Getting Started with Website Design
  •  Basics HTML (XHTML) code difference and importance
  •  Getting Started with Expression Web, Why Expression Web
  •  Making Simple Layouts, Table Based Layout, Introduction and Starting with CSS
  •  Making CSS Based DIV Layouts, Using Hyperlinks, DWT, Difference and Comparison
  •  Adobe Fireworks, All Graphic Concepts, tools, filters, Bitmap, Vector, Web
  •  Hotspot and Slice proper exporting and Combining with Expression Web
  •  Making Layouts and Slicing / exporting / Hotspot menu / Dropdown Menu
  •  Making Rich Concept about CSS and DWT within HTML Pages

Module 02

  •  Concept of Animation, Importance and Effects on Website, Users, Search Engines
  •  Adobe Flash, Workplace, Drawings, Animation, AS2.0
  •  Proper Compilation, Exporting and Using in Website, Animation and AS2.0

Module 03 (ASP.NET / PHP)

  •  ASP.NET / VB.NET, Concepts of Server-side Languages, Forms and Validations
  •  Database (MS Access) Tables, Relationships. Data sources, Data Controls
  •  VB.NET Scripting User Controls and SQL Server
  •  AJAX Controls and Toolkit for ASP.NET using Visual Studio
  •  Learning PHP, PHP Basics, Conditions and Branches, Loops, Variables and Arrays, Strings, Functions
  • Developing an application using PHP and MySQL
  • Submit final project, Domain / Hosting management